Seed sowing drone

Using agricultural drones for sowing, the seeds can be sprayed precisely and evenly into the superficial layer of soil. Compared with manual and traditional live broadcast machinery, the seeds planted by BROUAV agricultural drones take root deeper and have a higher germination rate. It not only saves labor, but also makes it easier for people.

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Only one pilot is needed for the whole process. After setting the relevant parameters, the drone can be controlled by the mobile phone to carry out fully autonomous sowing operations, which is more efficient. For large-scale farmers, the use of agricultural drones for precise live broadcast of rice can not only save 80%-90% of the labor force, greatly alleviate the shortage of labor, but also reduce the input of seeds, reduce production costs, and improve Planting income.

As an intelligent agricultural drone that integrates precise sowing and spraying, the BROUAV drone can also perform precise topdressing and spraying after the rice has emerged and grown, reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and reducing the margin of rice planting. cost.



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Seed sowing drone
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